Welcome to my website:  www.olimccann.com

A little more about me…..

My name is Oli McCann and I was born in1992 in a small town called Builth Wells, in Mid Wales.  From a young age I was passionate about sport and exercise and much of my early life was spent either on the rugby pitch or the local golf course. I always knew that I wanted a career in the fitness industry.

My life as a personal trainer began after I graduated from the University of Gloucester with a 2.1 in Applied Sport & Exercise Studies, together with a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate. I also have a Sports Massage qualification.

In 2013, I started working for Nuffield Health in Crawley as a personal trainer. After 3 years at the club I had become one of Nuffield Health’s top trainers in the UK, transforming people’s lives by improving their fitness and general health, and in turn enhancing their overall sense of well-being. However, to further develop and promote my personal philosophy of exercise and diet for well-being, I’ve now decided that it’s time to form my own company to share my ideas.

For me, being fit and healthy doesn’t mean crash diets or short lived exercise fads. Fitness is about so much more than burning calories and looking good. My philosophy for living well involves adopting a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of health and well-being and, crucially, can be maintained long term. Finding the right exercise programme to achieve personal goals is not always easy. It involves building self-confidence and strengthening both emotional and physical stamina.  However, I believe that a truly happy and healthy lifestyle is readily achievable with the right motivation and support.

So, if you’re someone who’s interested in exploring their potential, having some fun and getting the most out of life, I’d love to hear from you so that I can help guide you on your journey towards a healthier and happier way of living….